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10 Reasons To Tint Your Windows

1) Fading & Glare
Vista solves the problems of fading and glare, and damage to furniture. Over time, the rays of the sun fade whatever is in their path. But professionally installed Vista Window Film blocks out 99.9% of the damaging ultraviolet rays that ordinary windows allow in. That means that draperies, wood furniture, upholstery and carpeting will last longer. Most importantly it helps make occupants feel more comfortable in the room.

2) Energy Efficiency
Vista saves energy. Protects furnishings and rejects up to 79% of the incoming solar energy, cutting power bills. And, with 99.9% ultraviolet rejection, fading of interiors will be reduced and furnishings will last longer...a small investment to protect your big investments!

3) Beauty
Vista beautifies windows. With easy maintenance. From the inside, Vista has a pleasant, glare and distortion-free view and from the outside it has a uniform appearance that complements the building's design. And, Vista is available in a range of designer shades, including neutral. Vista's patented, scratch-resistant (SR) coating resists scratches, keeping the film looking as new as the day it was installed assuring carefree maintenance with most conventional methods of window cleaning.

4) Reduce Heat
Up to 65% of the heat is rejected by VISTA. Clients need not be afraid of installing beautiful windows for fear of too much heat. While using a computer or watching TV, the glare of the sun can be disturbing.

5) Decorative Films
This film lets you achieve the look of etched glass, at a fraction of the cost. It opens unlimited design possibilities, allowing you to bring vibrant color, visual effects and graphic patterns to glass surfaces in commercial and residential spaces. It gives you new power to impart privacy and enhance safety in commercial spaces.

6) Safety Films
When violent acts, natural disasters, vandalism or accidents shatter your building's windows, flying glass can be responsible for most of the damage, injuries and deaths that occur. And the truth is, much of the destruction resulting from these lethal shards can be controlled—even prevented—in corporate and retail buildings, restaurants, hotels, and homes, with LLumar Magnum safety and security films.

7) Warranty
There is a lifetime transferable (to new owners) warranty for residential applications and a 15 year warranty for commercial applications.

8) Room Color is NOT Affected
Window film will not change the color of any of the furniture, fabric, artwork or accessories. Instead, the decor looks better because of reduced glare and fading.

9) Will NOT Darken Home Interior
It will not darken the interior of a room. VISTA will maintain the natural color of interiors. The open appearance of a window can be beautiful.

10) Protect Expensive Window Treatments
The sun will often damage window treatments, such as draperies, curtains, blinds or shades. Window film protects all furnishings, including window treatments.

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